Healthy Living: Top of my priority list

Having grown up with an ill father, diagnosed with diabetes when I was very young and happened to know; and also to be aware of it in my teenage age, affected my way of living.

I grew up in a house where what you eat mattered. My mom was very particular about our diet. Although by profession, she was a home economics teacher; and wellness and nutrition was her passion. She was very particular about our meals at home and now my dad’s situation made things worse for her. We could not just eat everything, she changed the diet for all of us so that we can eat healthy meals daily in support of my dad. Without realizing that she was training us in a certain direction, but we later realized and we are thankful to that.

My meals are always colorful with veggies and everything nutritious. I don’t comprise when it comes to that. My husband and kids know that even though they hate it but in every meal we should have all the carbs, fat, protein and vitamins. Eating two veggies and protein all the time, we ensure that we are covered and not compromising anything.

Drinking water is also another emphasis im my health. When I look back, I realized that I started this journey way back when I was 15 years old. I remember I begin doing road works (as in jogging) to boost my physique. We were told that my father was going to die as he was in always in and out of hospitals, most of the times very ill and sometimes we were not sure that he will make it. But by His grace he lived until when I was 36 years, where he lost his life after being being amputated the second leg. This is what we lived with since my teenage years.

Health, nutrition and wellness matters to me the most because the struggles that my father and the rest of my family went through taught me a lot. I know for that this area in my life I don’t compromise. I push to live healthily daily and this is my journey I vow to walk and finish.

Sometimes struggles changes us for a good course. Life is a blessing and how you choose to live it is a choice. I made this choice and I don’t regret at any moment to have ever chosen it. Today I can proudly say that I am not scared of diabetes like I was before. Like a chronic disease, you can choose to conquer it than being defeated. This is my teachings to my children every day. They can choose to win or lose, heredity is not all an ultimate answer.

Believe in what you doing right; continue doing the right thing and in the end you will reap what you been sowing

What Do You Struggle With

Today I am in another season and three days ago I was in another. This is the life we live in. Nothing is permanent, things come and things go. So are our seasons. What is good today may be bad tomorrow, there is always a change and movement

Hello to you all my readers, today in my heart I felt like talking to you about this area: what is it that we struggle about in life? I know some I tired to hear about it, some still struggles and others are doing something. Whatever it is, I want to say to you “Be aware and know that nothing under the sun is meant to be easy” We struggle because we are human. We strive for perfection because we are imperfect. We want to see good because we hate bad things. We are always striving for something, this is life hey

But whatever your struggles are, be it social, physical, spiritual, mental, emotional or financial; know that they are not forever. You have the power to change things around. The only time something seems forever is when you do nothing about it. Know your struggles, know you’re battles. You cannot go to a battle field unprepared, unless you not prepared for a win or victory. In simple terms I mean know your areas of struggles and prepare on how to focus your your energies to fight on them. If I have a burn on my thigh how do I think I will heal unless I treat it. Same with struggles,

Know them , list them, develop a plan to work on them, focus on the plan, implement and be consistent. Most of all know what is a priority for you and not someone else’s

With a vigorous exercise or doing, patience, believing in the process you taking, confidence and focus there is no way that you will be in the same place or situation forever. The mistake that we do as human beings is comparing ourselves to others We want to use same methods they are using to see results. It does not work like that most of the time. We can learn from others, take their advises but use different weapons and style to fight ours. What works for me might not work for you. Make sure you understand this because this might be the reason you not moving forward, you working in circles

Battles can be won, struggles can be defeated, changes can happen and new positive habits can be developed; only when we understand. We can destroy what we thought it’s a struggle and change a situation that we thought it’s permanent when we are aware; when we accept and deal with a challenge. Avoidance, laziness, procrastination, fear, lack of confidence and focus cannot take us to any victories

Take charge and be an overcomer. Don’t look on the sides, stay in your lane and do yourself a good service. It can take time, but it will end at the right time. This is a lesson I have learned and I am still learning and I thought I should share with you

A Blissful and Joyful day to you All 🌹

The Tongue Can Build or Destroy

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog again. I am thrilled to be back and sharing my journey with you in my writing: things that matter to my heart

As I was pondering through life and things, I battled with the thought of thinking and wondering: how many times as humans do we say things to people that break them or we later realized or thought we could not have said them. I know it looks and sound simple from the surface, but do we ever even think about the severity and their impact in other people’s life.

Emotions are real; and feelings are a serious battle that we never think about it very deeply. We always want to use words that are positive to make someone feel better, but the real hurt and pain is there. Imagine the struggle to mend a broken wood; the battle to put it back to its original state. It’s not an easy thing, we try but we don’t always win. It is only by grace to be able to restore what was broken back to it’s original state

When someone does not come back to you and tell his/her feelings about what you said doesn’t mean it was OK. We are not in control of how people react towards what we say to them, but one thing that I know for sure and have learned is that, we are in control of what we say. We can choose what we say to others. This is the power we have and we can use it to control what comes out of our mouth

There is this saying,

Matthew 15:18; “But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.”

Experience and life taught us that what we say with our mouths has its roots in the hearts. This is the beginning of everything. But when we ensure that we feed our hearts with good things always, we take out good always.

Have a blessed week further and “Be Good; and Do Good.” Love is contagious and when we pass the bug, everyone around you catches it. Act of good will leaves a good mark rather than a scar to someone.

With Love ❤️

Mashikoane “Modipadi” Mohuba

Doubt and Missing the Blessing

How many times have you ever felt the need, the urge to do something but you don’t do it

How many of you have felt the emptiness deep inside and regret because you missed doing something good

I don’t know about you who is reading this now, but I have experienced and learned that time passed is never regained. It is very important to listen to your inner self. Never doubt what your heart tells you. Learn to follow your intuition.

Missing an opportunity to do what is put in your heart at a particular time is not guaranteed a second time. It may not come again. Never doubt to do good because of doubt. What I am opportune to do today will not be the same tomorrow, same as what someone might need from me today might not be the same tomorrow. The Bible in Matthew 6:34 says,

[34] “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Be warned, focus on today only and not worry about tomorrow because it might not come. Do everything in your power and best ability today and receive your blessing

If God is putting something in you today, no matter how big or small, do not doubt your capability to do it. He has already prepared you for it. He has made available all the tools you need. All He wants to hear from you is a “Yes, I am ready” or “Yes, I am here Lord, use me”. This is all that you need, to allow Him to use you for a purpose. Do not doubt because once you miss that opportunity, you will never regain that time. This is the most regrettable thing that no one wants to go through or feel

Receive your blessing today and do the good that the Lord has put in your heart. Doubt and fear is the reason we do not honor our callings, we do not get to follow our purposes according to the Master Plan. This is not about spirituality or being religious, but our lives follow a plan and purpose and that’s it.

Have a blissful and blessed Wednesday

From me with love ❤️

Mashikoane Mohuba

Is it me only …..

…..that I find myself fallen in love with my author

My question always. Is it me only ….?

Tell me something different. Have you ever find yourself to have fallen in love with an author and as you trace your life, every piece of it happens to connect with your reads. Strange hey! But is this a coincidence or are these mysteries that we never get to understand or rather they are not explained to us as we wish or desire to or ….

I don’t know but there two authors that I love most and whenever I need a read, I buy from their lists because both of them (as I recall) were the first two authors to fall in love with growing up. Not sure wether they were my mom’s favorite, but I found them in her bunch of novels in our study at home

Ever since then, they have been my best and favorites. Maybe I should ask my mom if she used to read a lot from these authors when she was pregnant with (laugh). I don’t know. But what is interesting is that I feel like every story they write, I resonate with. I connect with it to the point that it feels so real. I feel like I have been there or it is my story they are talking about. It is so so scary sometimes

I wonder why is it like this. I know in many of my experiences that God connects us with people or leads us to stories that have the message as ours. I lived to know an understand that the purpose is to either teach us something or we need that story to be strong or learn from it. Wisdom is what they call it

I know I love family stories because I am a family person. I care a lot about family and I always want the best for it. I like stories that speaks about family lives: their loses, struggles, pain, hurts, experiences, secrets and in general how these families navigate all these as a unit or as an extended family (expanding from just being a mom, dad and their kids to having their adult children having their own kids as well and households), making issues even bigger than the first unit.

As I read about them, listen I get deep with my all and emotions. Please do not laugh at me, this is serious. I share the sadness and the happiness of these stories with my family. This is how far they affect me (I can tell I am not the only one, there are many like me). I am glad that I am not at a mental hospital with serious state of mind as I write this because honestly, they impact on us in real life. We get depressed sometimes. I know that because they are mostly real life stories, we cannot take away our human element as we read. We get involved; and become part of it even if your mind told you it was for “leisure” the effect is not for the fun of it. It’s serious

I have read stories from another of my best author about solving family mysteries. Yep, I know it’s sound funny but in my entire life I always find my self in this space. I am not sure to call it a calling or what, but the two writers always meet me in the center; and the center being the family. Don’t read me wrong. I am not a prophetess or someone trying to say I see things before they happen or what; or I am snooping in my family businesses, a Big no! But it is this space that I always find myself in that I question

But anyways, thank you for reading

The two writers connect and they connect with me somehow. Solving this mystery is also another read for another time. You know what is even worse is that you even feel their influence in your own writing. Does it make sense?

Hope one day I will write about this and my book will be published; and my readers will feel the same thing that I am feeling when I read my authors books

May today do you good

A Whisper

You are All that I am

Seeing you first and;

Getting to share the first meal of the day

with you is surely special

I can do All that is before me because

You are my Thoughts,

My Speech, My Writing, My Eyes, My Ears and

My Heart melts with love and goodness

Always when I am with you.

You are alive in everything,

You speak to impact, and

You impact to change

Transformation is your order of the day

I am speechless, and

I am sorry.

You whispered in my ear

You order me to wake up,

To go and meet you, and

I did because I know you

I fear you over everything

I heard your sweet & kind voice

Telling me to do this

Surely and I did and I am grateful !

You fill my void always

You complete me when I am empty

I will always honor You

Your ways always amaze me

And one thing I know for sure

I will teach others about how great you are!

I am blessed

I am thankful

I am grateful

I am a warrior

I am a victor

I am a conqueror

I am loved

I am chosen

I am awakened.

By the Whisper in my ear

As I ponder into Life

Sometimes we find ourselves in places and spaces, not because we did something extraordinary or better than others but because it is our journeys , we have to be there

Have you ever wondered why certain things happen the way you never wished for?

Have you ever thought about something great to happen but it never does? All you experience is working hard for everything…

I had to be reminded that we are led! My life is a pattern of something that was pre-planned for me. I was never involved or made any decisions on how it should be, I just follow the plan

So if you find yourself battling with understanding of these things in life, don’t strife to understand. Just live your best because time wasted in trying to understand is never regained. But time invested in the good is a lifetime achievement

Nobody is doing above his or her capabilities, we are gifted in different ways. Find what makes you happy and fulfilled; and enjoy life. Life is never meant to be the same for all of us. Never blame yourself for anything; you were created for a purpose different to some else and until you accept and acknowledge this you will battle the rest of your life

Your life is reasons unfolding in patterns that were meant to unfold. There is no mistake or coincidence, be aware and have peace

Never stop appreciating everything good or bad; out of the bad there are lessons still to take for moving forward; and out of the good we are being advanced still. They both build us to be better people at the end; responding to our calling

May you remain blessed and strong. I don’t know who you are but I know someone somewhere needs to hear this.

I am blessed

Your Mindset Your Reason for Success

This morning when I woke up, I had this burning desire in my heart to go run. I have not been running in over a week or so. I knew I wanted to do it and as I was thinking I reassured myself that I am definitely going to run

What was interesting about this whole thinking, planning and ultimately taking the action was that I agreed to myself that I was going to run 15km, something that I have not done in a while. I guess over a year or so. I fed my mind and my subconscious mind with the idea that “I can do that”. I felt so tired with 5km and 10km runs; they were beginning to sound more monotonous to me and I needed encouragement of some sort

To cut the story short; this is what I am good at when I want to achieve something; I just changed into my gym clothes and got myself ready. This habit I learned that – once I am “workout ready” there is no turning back. I know for sure that action is a sure case and a done deal!

Most of the time I listen to my worship songs because I enjoy fellowship whilst running. I never felt so good ! My mind was already set for this. I knew this when I started! I did not succeed because I could; but I believe I succeeded because I removed all the fear, the negative self-talk that sometimes discourages us, I had a vision to finish the race, I had to reinforce my goals by faith that I had and love; I was physically prepared and I had set the goals powered by the desire to succeed…

….and I did! I finished my 15km race in 1:48:16 and I was proud of myself. My pace was pumping me up, telling me “I can”. I am grateful that I did it! This to me is what we call SUCCESS.

Success is not wealth or money, but success is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose

Being successful means the achievement of a desired and planned goals. I know I could not have done it better if from the beginning I never communicated with my subconscious mind. What I set my mind on, that is – my mindset, is the reason for my success. I strongly believe

We do not fail to succeed because we cannot, but we fail to succeed because our mindset does not connect with our vision and goals

Hope you are inspired and you will too inspire others positively. “ Be conscious of what you set your mind on” if you are to succeed in life


Being Present

It means with your whole mind, body and soul you are there. You are conscious of everything around you; good or bad. Every decision you make; positive or negative is processed with vivid thinking and with an analytical mind

No matter how much we try to ignore certain feelings that disturbs our conscious being; no matter how we try to suppress our emotions, or ignore certain behaviors and actions; no matter how our surroundings may look undesirable to us we are there and present.

But if we rise with confidence, boldness, determination and focus after we have fallen or got disappointed about life situations; we can turn the situation around. I mean Being Present does not mean physically being there; it means with your whole (mind, body and soul) you enter into that space and own it . Present and fully aware of things and reactions

It means you do not wait for things to happen but you make things happen. Desirable or undesirable you take charge. You own up that space of change and be forceful in impacting for the course.

I have learned this for a very long time that: Being present means you are not a coward. It means owning up and being responsible enough for making any impact, change or transformation in things you believe in. We all go through things in life but the most regrettable thing to happen to a human is being absent to self.

Taking no charge and responsibility to oneself is a regrettable factor that affects human beings. We are created to occupy space, to take dominion over things and to effect. To take charge in every form! We can only do that when we are fully present.

Life was never meant to be a smooth sailing. Nothing even in the beginning of creation was easy; there has always been challenges for us as humans because we are not perfect. Right there in the garden of Eden. But how we make it through this journey of life is to allow ourselves to be there and face it!

Fear of being there in many times is the cause of breakdowns, disruption of a human life, disorganized life journeys and many others. We fear to fail. We are quick to want to be in the future and miss the present. Unfortunately the future cannot happen without the present. It’s a circle

Be in the present and enjoy the future

Fix your past to engage your present

Wait for the future with boldness and confidence

Because the present set the tone

Easier Said Than Done

Is it only me who feels like it is so simple and easy to say things; but then the implementation of what is said is difficult sometimes or a bit challenging to do?

Don’t know about you, but I have heard from a lot of people that: it is easy to say than do! Do we know why? That is how I feel sometimes. Don’t judge me for what I am saying, but as humans we struggle a lot in this area. We quick in our lips and slow in action.

This I gather is what society has done to us. Society has taught us to learn and unlearn things. We have learned so much that is not factual and that is unreal. I say this because when the real meets the facts; the reaction is different. I know it depends, but life is always and has always been like this. You never get to know the real until you meet the facts.

Why I say this is because growing up we are taught to do things in a certain way, sometimes we are taught not supported by any facts or realities. We live believing that that is the only way. Yes, this we grow as the only truth we know until we hit rock bottom – I mean when

Is it only me who feels like it is so simple and easy to say things; but then the implementation of what is said is difficult sometimes or a bit challenging to do?

Don’t know about you, but I have heard from a lot of people that : it is easy to say than do! Do we know why? That is how I feel sometimes. Don’t judge me for what I am saying, but as humans we struggle a lot in this area. We quick in our lips and slow in action.

This I gather is what society has done to us. Society has taught us to learn and unlearn things. We have learned so much that is not factual and that is unreal. I say this because when the real meets the facts; the reaction is different. I know it depends but life is always and has always been like this. You never get to know the real until you meet the facts.

Why I say this is because growing up we are taught to do things in a certain way, sometimes we are taught not supported by any facts or realities. We live believing that that is the only way. Yes, this we grow as the only truth we know until we hit rock bottom – I mean when we experience true life and then only we can understand.

How we were taught sometimes – there was no room to review or give opinion. Am I right? Then come this stage where what you learned is challenged because now you know or rather you have acquired more knowledge. You now know better. That on its own makes you not to accept everything, but to analyze things and make decisions based on facts and reality. Most of the times these things become contrary to what we have learned. This is when now the process of unlearning kicks in; and we regard ourselves as being more matured

We respond differently to what socially was not acceptable but because our level of maturity have changed, we unlearn to learn what we believe is socially sane and make sense than socially acceptable

I am definitely learning to unlearn what I used to believe in; I know I am learning a lot of what my journey is teaching me right now

We learn everyday and we never cease to grow

We discover new things everyday and we never stop to develop

We experience new things everyday and we do not stop to share our stories

Never ever tell yourself that you understand life

Life is never meant to be understood
Life is is meant to be lived

Never ever think life is about living and dying

Life is an experience of many things unsaid, unrecorded, many things lived for, written, shared, hidden, dark, felt….
Life is all things put in one basket

Never ever stop to live

Life is but a journey that we all walk through