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Is it me only …..

My question always. Is it me only ….? Tell me something different. Have you ever find yourself to have fallen in love with an author and as you trace your life, every piece of it happens to connect with your reads. Strange hey! But is this a coincidence or are these mysteries that we neverContinue reading “Is it me only …..”

A Whisper

You are All that I am Seeing you first and; Getting to share the first meal of the day with you is surely special I can do All that is before me because You are my Thoughts, My Speech, My Writing, My Eyes, My Ears and My Heart melts with love and goodness Always whenContinue reading “A Whisper”

As I ponder into Life

Sometimes we find ourselves in places and spaces, not because we did something extraordinary or better than others but because it is our journeys , we have to be there Have you ever wondered why certain things happen the way you never wished for? Have you ever thought about something great to happen but itContinue reading “As I ponder into Life”

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